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With a dense and constantly-shifting schedule, my calendar was my lifeline.As such, I took great care to make it easy to use, and one of my main techniques for doing that was splitting my life into different components and creating individual calendars for each.

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Before we get into the details, I want to mention that Google Calendar is part of my quick capture system. Well, it Your brain is for generating ideas, not trying to store them.

So you want to put the tasks, events, and other pieces of information your brain generates into systems that will either notify you later, or that you trust you’ll check later.

As an i Phone user, I could easily use Calendar and just sync it to my Google Calendar. This app costs a couple bucks, but I I love it because: Before I discovered Fantastical, I used the Sunrise Calendar app – mainly because Google’s own calendar app on i OS wasn’t very good.

That’s not the case anymore, though, so both of them are good free alternatives to Fantastical at this point, as long as you don’t care about the features I just mentioned.

Managebac ( is now being used as the class management system tool for Upper School students at ISD.

Students are expected to use Managebac to mange classroom assignments and events, and to receive class messages from their teachers. If a student has problems accessing Managebac, they should contact thier grade level advisor.Today, my days are much less beholden to a smorgasbord of previously-scheduled events.Since I run my own business and don’t manage a large team, most of my time is spent on creative work – writing, recording and editing videos and podcasts, etc.I had calendars for: You can see how my calendar looked with this structure in this screenshot: I also had one “special” calendar (which you can see in blue) for professors’ office hours.At the start of each semester, I’d gather all the syllabi from my classes and make note of each professor’s availability.Parents can use Managebac to keep track of their Upper School childrens' upcoming assignments, assessments, and classroom events.Grade level advisors can provide you with login information for the Managebac parent portal.Then, when I needed to see one, I could just make that calendar visible to find out when he/she had hours.The main benefit of using multiple calendars was the ability to color-code them.Come to think of it, that tactic didn’t always work out in high school either – which is why I showed up completely out of breath and wearing cargo shorts to an honors society ceremony during my senior year. In this post, I’ll show you how I used it as a student, as well as how I use it today.If you’re using a different calendar app, most of this will still work for you (calendar apps aren’t too terribly unique), so no worries.


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