Science Fair Research Paper Components

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For the research question about seeds (above), the hypothesis might be, "higher temperatures will make seeds sprout faster." The procedure is the plan for how you will conduct your experiment.

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You might also think of the conclusion as a summary.

In just a few sentences, your conclusion explains what happened in your experiment and whether it supported your hypothesis.

That way, you can prove what you did and can follow the same procedure if you need to repeat the experiment.

Results are the data, or information, that you collected. For example, let's say that some of your plants grew 1 centimeter the first week.

Don't just write that the plants "look bigger"; write down exactly how much they grew.

The conclusion is what you learned from doing the experiment.The science fair is a traditional component of many high school science programs, with participation ranging widely from school to school and science fair to science fair.At some schools, the science fair might be a rite of passage expected of every student.Does your school have a state-of-the-art wind tunnel or fully equipped greenhouse?These are all possible resources you can utilize if you want your project to truly stand out.The idea behind a science project is to discover "what happens if." What happens to one thing if you change something else?Your research question is what you hope to figure out. You should be able to write the research question in a simple sentence.Participants are judged by a panel of experts who score each presentation according to a rubric.Traditionally, awards are presented for the top-scoring projects.Even if they don’t seem particularly well-suited to a science fair project at first, you never know what you might be able to come up with through some collaboration with mentors or through some background research.Keep a running list of areas of science that sincerely fascinate you.


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