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The Karen Williams Endowed Scholarship in memory of Karen Williams, Chair of the Glendale Community College Human Services Department for seventeen years and founding member of the ASU West Social Work Advisory Board. Robert Moroney and their collective contributions to the Arizona State University's School of Social Work and the community-at-large.The Karen Williams Endowed Scholarship is a 0 scholarship awarded annually in the fall semester. Requirements:1) Full time PAC (Policy, Administration and Community) student2) 3.5 GPA3) Demonstrate a commitment to social justice Applicants must submit an essay articulating their commitment to social and economic justice. The essay should include volunteer and paid experience that is relevant.

The essay should be double-spaced and no longer that 1000 words. Willock's family was the beneficiary of PCOA's services. Willock's appreciation for its important work, PCOA elected to create this scholarship in her name to help social work students interested in working with the aging population achieve their master's degrees and encourage the continued advancement of aging-related professions.

This scholarship is provided through the generous support of the Pima Council on Aging by long-time Tucson resident, Katheryne B. Marian Lupu's life and work is also recognized through the creation of this endowment. Lupu was the founding executive director of Pima Council on Aging and served in this capacity for 40 years until retiring at the age of 82. Lupu moved to Tucson with her husband and three children from Pittsburgh where she became the director of the Tucson Council on Aging in 1967 and worked for nine months without pay. Lupu led the creation of a nationally recognized case management model for Area Agencies on Aging and was a national leader in aging advocacy and services.

The Redman Family Scholarship is a $1,000.00 scholarships awarded annually in the fall semester.

Click here to apply The Rita Rily Gross Endowment in memory of Rita Rily Gross, a person intensely concerned about the welfare of underprivileged children.

This scholarship is provided through the generous support of Linda and Charles Redman.

Social Work Scholarships

The scholarship is intended to support BSW students who transferred from a community college to complete their degrees at ASU.This scholarship is being provided through the generous support of Marilyn and Nick Kurns known as the Marilyn Kurns School of Social Work Scholarship.The scholarship is intended to support MSW students who are single parents "striving to complete their education to provide a future for their families and improve their communities through the profession of social work."The Redman Family Scholarship for BSW Students.graduated from the ASU School of Social Work Tucson Component master’s-level program in 2006, then as a field instructor he helped nurture young adults who were interested in serving the Tucson community.He continued mentoring others as his own path led him to the Office of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and an even larger arena in which to share his gifts and empathy.Students who are accepted into the program receive their in-state tuition, mandatory fees, and a stipend paid through the Title IV-E, Child Welfare Field Education and Student Support Project. The Ann Weaver Nichols Scholarship Endowment in memory of Dr.Andy Nichols, Arizona State Senator and established to support Tucson based students with financial need, especially those who are raising children as single parents or grandparents and who have a commitment to promoting social change to benefit vulnerable populations.This money established a scholarship in Gabe’s memory for students in the social work program here in Tucson.This gift is one of many ways in which CPSA has supported and advocated for the Tucson Component of the School of Social Work and our students over the years.Click here to apply Flo has devoted her life to her family and community, as a professional social worker and community newspaper publisher; and as a volunteer Trustee of ASU, with the ASU Watts College of Public Service and Community of Solutions, on the Alumni Board, on the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board, and with many community nonprofits.On March 3, 2011 Neal Cash, President and CEO of Community Partnership of Southern Arizona, generously donated a large sum to form a new Scholarship Fund in memory of Gabe Zimmerman.


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