Society Equality Essay

Society Equality Essay-16
By equality, we generally mean that all men are equal and all should be entitled to identity of treatment and income.“Men are born, and always continue, free and equal in respect of their rights”.

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We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal”. No two men are similar in physical constitution, capacity and temperament.

Professor Laski has very aptly remarked in this connection:“Equality does not mean the identity of treatment or the sameness of reward.

For example, certain profession may require certain skills and knowledge, in this case the hiring decision can only be made based on those values leaving race, gender and family history out of the question.

What if a job requires a large social network, then is it not the case that candidates from affluent families have an advantage because they tend to have more influential connections?

He further says, “We are thus arranged as it were, in a level time at the starting point of the race that lies ahead; and we start from that level line, so far as the state is concerned, with equal conditions guaranteed to each for making the best of himself-however much we may eventually differ in what we actually make of ourselves”.

Society Equality Essay

There are following kinds of equality: (4) Economic Equality.(5) Equality of Opportunity and Education.Previously, the policy of racial discrimination was adopted in the United States of America but Johnson I, Ex-President of U. A., established social equality by getting the Bill passed by the Congress. Civil laws should treat all the individuals equally. Previously, Switzerland had not conferred on women the right to vote but in February 1971 conferred the right of vote to women.The policy of racial discrimination is still followed by South Africa. There should not be any discrimination of superior and inferior, the rich and the poor, caste and creed, colour and race, clam and tribes, groups and classes. In Asia and Africa there are many countries where Political Equality has not been established.Social equality means that all the citizens are entitled to enjoy equal status in society and no one is entitled to special privileges. declared the charter of human rights which laid stress on social equality.There should not be any distinction of caste and creed, colour and race, groups and classes, clans and tribes All should have an equal opportunity to develop his personality. Untouchability has been abolished and its practice has been forbidden. But these rights have been violated by a number of countries in the past according to the report of Amnesty International. Civil liberty consists in the enjoyment of similar civil liberties and civil rights by all the citizens.Rule of law is in force in England and in the eyes of the rule of law all are equal. Economic Equality is closely related to political equality.Equal treatment is given to all by the rule of law. By Political Equality we mean equal access of everyone to the avenues of political authority. Professor Laski underlies the great significance of economic equality.If a bricklayer gets the same reward as a mathematician or a scientist, the purpose of society will be defeated.Equality, therefore, means, first of all the absence of social privilege.A centuries old debate for societies has been whether the ‘success’ is distributed fairly across its members.If it is due to luck, then why is person A more privileged than person B who would Defenders of equality of opportunity base their moral arguments on merit such that as far as we eliminate the factors of race, caste, sexual orientation and other ‘inborn’ factors, all people can make their way up (or down) (Arneson, 2002).


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