Solving Energy Problems

Solving Energy Problems-20
This is not just a matter of pent-up demand in developing countries.The spread of computers, phones and other devices in industrialized countries is also fueling demand for electricity.Millions of small generating units are being added to the energy system, such as wind turbines and solar systems.

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By using digital technology, the smart grids of the future will connect individual producers and consumers to form an internet of energy that ensures a reliable, stable power supply.

The fragmentation of our energy supply means that systems and boundaries that were once fixed, such as the walls between public utilities and consumers, are breaking down.

After all, the global population is projected to increase by nearly 2 billion people by 2040, according to U. What would be the impact on our environment if roughly half of the power consumed by this growing population were generated by fossil fuels?

Certainly the world’s climate goals would be at risk, particularly the objective of limiting global warming to a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius.

Digitization also can increase the competitiveness of renewable energies.

Solving Energy Problems

In Germany, for example, contracts recently were awarded to the first large offshore wind farms to be completely financed by the market price for electricity, without any public funding. And competitive renewables help combat climate change.Moreover, there is a new class of "prosumers" — those who produce and consume as well as sell and buy electricity.In this decentralized system, innovative networking technologies will become increasingly important.We are already seeing a similar trend in the transportation sector.Traffic-related emissions are about 60 percent higher today than they were in 1990.Universal access to electricity is both morally imperative and economically necessary, but it poses a dilemma.What would happen if the rest of the world were to consume energy at the rate of developed countries? This growth primarily will take place in developing countries.As a result, the conventional energy landscape — with a few large power plants — is disappearing.Our accelerating shift towards renewables requires a completely new systemic approach.For example, the German power grid is considered a role model for industrialized countries, with nearly 100 percent availability.However, the energy transition towards renewables already has affected it considerably.


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