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The ozone layer is healing slowly, because the gases that break down ozone remain active in the atmosphere for a very long time.This means the ozone hole will remain in place over Antarctica for years to come, due to the gases that we have already emitted.

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READ ALSO: Types of environmental problems in Nigeria READ ALSO: Environmental pollution in Nigeria: issues and solutions Environmental pollution in Nigeria is a human-made problem.It seems this coordinated approach has been successful, according to the American space agency, NASA, which has been using satellites to monitor the ozone hole.In 1979, the hole had an area of 1.1 million square kilometres, and it grew rapidly in the following years, until it reached a maximum of 29.6 million km2 in 2006.If the ozone were to disappear completely, it would be disastrous, since this thin layer of gas serves as a natural shield against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.The ozone layer became so thin in an area over the South Pole that it became known as the ‘ozone hole’, and the size of this area kept growing.But the IPCC points out that we still have the option to keep temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius.This will still have big consequences for nature and humanity, but the damage will be less than if we don’t do anything.Current environmental issues in Nigeria are closely connected with the population growth.Like any other country, it uses resources to provide residents with good living conditions.Nigeria is a big country with beautiful nature, small and large rivers and picturesque forests inhabited by animals and birds.It is like a coin with two sides: one side is its exquisite environment, the other one – industrial Nigeria.


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