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a pesar de – in spite of a propósito – by the way a punto de – at the brink of a que… a rajatabla – inflexibly, rigorously, strictly a regañadientes – unwillingly, complainingly a rey muerto, rey puesto – Out with the old, in with the new a rienda suelta – without any constraint or control, freely a solas – alone, by one´s self a tientas – guiding one´s self by feel, for instance in the darkness a toda costa – at all costs a toda máquina – very fast a todas luces – by all appearances, clearly, evidently a todo trapo – with luxury, in grand style a todo vapor – very fast, as fast as posible a troche y moche – thoughtlessly, inconsiderately, helter-skelter a trochemoche – thoughtlessly, inconsiderately, helter-skelter a tumba abierta – exposing one´s self to extreme danger, at breakneck speed a tutiplén – abundantly, profusely, copiously a última hora – at the last moment a ultranza – in the extreme, radically a veces – sometimes, at times a ver – we´ll see a voz en grito – loudly, at the top of one´s lungs abrirse paso a codazos – to elbow one´s way acoger en su regazo – to take someone under one´s wing acostarse con las gallinas – to retire to bed early aguzar el oído – to prick up one´s ears ahuecar el ala – Some English equivalents of this Spanish idiom are: to make one´s self scarce, to make off, to clear off, to hit the road al “ahí se va” – not thoroughly, with mediocrity al aire libre – outdoors al fin y al cabo – finally, at the end of the day, when all is said and done al hambre no hay pan duro – Beggars can’t be choosers al menos – at least al pie de la letra – to the letter, to a T al por mayor – wholesale al revés – upside down, topsy turvy alzarle la mano a alguien – to threaten or hit someone amoscarse – to get angry andar a paso de tortuga – to walk or do something very slowly, at a snail´s pace andar como burro sin mecate – to be wild, out of control andar de cabeza – this Spanish idiom describes an overburdened, unorganized state of mind within a turmoil of activity, to run around like a headless chicken andar de capa caída – to be in low spirits, depressed andarse por las ramas – to talk evasively, to beat around the bush apretar las clavijas a alguien – to pressure somebody, to crack the whip apretarse el cinturón – to cut expenses, to live on a shoestring aquí hay gato encerrado – there’s something fishy going on here, I smell a rat We use this Spanish idiom to express our suspicion that behind the mask of normality something obscure is unfolding.

This Spanish idiom is most commonly used referring to food or drink taken without anything else.

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a la larga – in the long run a la merced de – at the mercy of a la vez – at the same time, simultaneously a las espaldas de alguien – behind somebody´s back a lo major – maybe, possibly a mano – 1. by hand a más tardar – at the latest a menudo – often, many a time a ojo de buen cubero – by rule of thumb a palo seco – without anything to go with it.

– This Spanish expression is originally from Rio de la Plata and means that, come what may, no one can take away from us the good times we’ve had. a banderas desplegadas – with flying colors a caballo regañado no le mires el diente – Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth a chorros – in great quantities a como de lugar – at all costs, in any way possible a contramano – in the wrong direction, against the traffic a destiempo – untimely, ill-timed, inopportune a dos pasos – very close, within an ace of a duras penas – scarcely, with great difficulty a fin de cuentas – at the end of the day, when all is said and done a gatas – on all fours a granel– in bulk a la carrera – This Spanish idiom describes an unthorough, hurried way of doing something.

This is precisely what happened 10 years ago to Héloïse Guerrier, who graduated in Hispanic studies in Paris, moved to Spain, and now co-runs a comic book publishing house called Astiberri.

“I was fascinated by those phrases, which, taken out of their original context, or to the ears of a foreigner, sound so very outlandish. So she decided to explore their origins and put her findings down in a book, with illustrations by David Sánchez, an author of comic books.


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