Steroids In Sports Argumentative Essays

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More and more world class athletes are being acknowledged for their ingestion of steroids.

Ben Johnson, in the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, set a world record in the 100 meters, running it in 9.79 seconds. Hunter, tried to gain an advantage over his competition.

Last year in the NFL, Rookie of the Year contender, Julius Peppers's season was abruptly halted after he tested positive for steroids.

Jose Conseco made history when he became the first man to hit forty home runs and steal 40 bases in the same season.

With the measures that are in place, the risks far outweigh the benefits.

On top of this there are many side effects that can cause long term health complications.The Use of Steroids in Sports Before the 1990's, athletes were unique.They were able to capitalize on their God-given talents, and make themselves famous based on their skill. Steroids began to play a bigger and bigger role in sports.The effect advertising has on some peoples personal appearance is bad.Even people that dont develop eating disorders still feel bad about themselves at one point or another because they dont look like the advertisements, like society wants them to look.If an athlete is tested positive on more than one occasion then more serious consequences can be given.These consequences can include: In addition to the consequences that are given by the official sports association, further consequences of public knowledge and humiliation are often given.As the amount of performance enhancing steroids increases in professional sports, many athletes are gaining an unfair advantage over their competition. Steroids are used by athletes in baseball, football, and in Olympic events in hopes of finding the edge to In the history of Major League Baseball, there have been a total of thirty-six fifty home run seasons.Only eighteen times had someone hit fifty home runs in the first one hundred years of baseball.Johnson was the fastest man of all time for just a couple days, when his medal and time was revoked when he tested positive for steroids. Prior to 2000, Hunter was the top shot putter in the United States.Right before the Olympics, he tested positive of steroids and was banned from all competitions for two years.


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