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Listening and working in partnership with families, and young people, to provide support, enables development of opportunities and appropriate action plans to improve outcomes.Using case work and one-to-one individuals are empowered to develop strategies and plans to deal with issues such as parenting, schooling, behaviour, debt, housing, mental health, relationship breakdown, benefit support and domestic violence.

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My intervention was with a 12-year-old girl, who I will refer to as Amy, who had been referred by social services; her behaviour was causing concern due to relocation with her father and stepfamily.

Amy had previously lived with her mother, with whom she had a good relationship, however, she involved Amy in age inappropriate conversations, had depression, alcohol issues, and allowed Amy to witness scenes of domestic violence.

The agency has a good working relationship with the Children’s Directorate and other organisations and continues to update it policies and procedures according to new government frameworks and agendas.

The agency works in partnership with children’s centres, schools, social services, health teams, educational welfare teams, housing associations and various others, providing ongoing support and intervention.

Systems theory has found application in wide range of disciplines, including biology, engineering, and psychology.

Cybernetics, the study of communication and feedback in a system, is an important and growing field developed out of systems theory.

A final definition of system is a set of objects that affect one another within the environment in order to create a larger pattern, one that is different than the parts.

Systems must continually engage in input and output with the environment.

The origins of systems theory date to the 19th century, and can be found in the thought of both Marx and Darwin.

The immediate antecedent of systems theory comes from the work of biologist Ludwig von Bertalanffy, who developed General System Theory in the 1950s.


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