Term Papers On Gang Violence

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Research also has shown that an individual’s criminal activity increases when he joins a gang and decreases to pregang levels when he withdraws from gang activity.In the late 20th century, gangs appeared in Africa and Latin America.Gangs in Asia—particularly the Tongs, the Chinese Triads, and various secret societies—can be linked to similar groups in the United States.Suppression has generally involved arrest and prosecution and has been shown to have limited utility.Organizational-change and community-mobilization strategies attempt to bring resources to gang problems in a more effective manner by attempting to meet the specific needs of youths and their families.Many gangs associate themselves with a particular geographic area or type of crime, and some use graffiti as a form of nonverbal communication.Gang behaviour may be more universal and ancient than is commonly thought.Although some works have compared American and European gangs (e.g., The U. government estimated that at the turn of the 21st century nearly half of all gang members in the country were Hispanic, about one-third were African American, about one-eighth were white, and about one-twentieth were Asian.Research has consistently indicated that fewer than one-tenth of gang members are female, though some surveys suggested that females account for more than one-fourth of gang membership. About two-fifths of gang members are under the age of 17, and almost nine-tenths are under 25.Significant effort and resources have been directed toward decreasing gang membership and activity.Studies have suggested that comprehensive community-based programs are most effective.


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