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Books, people, faith and art work are all reduced to maps to their skeletal structure.

The reduction is a form of econstruction similar to the one of bombs in the novel.

The English Patient in his much burnt out condition is a contrast to the daring and seasoned traveler that he was in his past.

The description of his body helps the reader to appreciate the depth of sacrifice.

This essay discusses that in line with the theme of war, the narrative is set in a villa and countryside that depicts the ravages of war.

Hana uses books from the badly bombed out library to make two makeshift stairs by nailing books together in the villa.

Woman Hollering Creek: Imitation and Analysis [Original text: Was Cleofilas just exaggerating as her husband always said? However, why many modern people indulge in the race of......

The Sound of a Beautiful Noiselessness Walt Whitman’s “A Noiseless Patient Spider” is a masterpiece of parallel imagery.

First he describes the spider as he watches it and we think he is talking to us, the audience.

However, in the second verse it becomes clear that he is talking to himself, or his soul.


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