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He also learns that he will have very little time for recreation and wonders what will happen to his friendships.The other instructions disturb him too—he cannot imagine being rude, nor can he imagine not having access to medication.

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When he asks about the previous, failed selection, they reluctantly tell him that the name of the female selected ten years ago is Not-to-Be-Spoken, indicating the highest degree of disgrace.

Courage is especially important, because as the Receiver, Jonas will experience real pain, something no one else in the community experiences.

The job also requires the “Capacity to See Beyond.” Jonas does not believe he has this capacity, but then he looks out at the crowd and sees their faces change, the way the apple changed in midair. The Chief Elder thanks him for his childhood, and the crowd accepts him as the new Receiver by chanting his name louder and louder.

The Chief Elder explains that ten years ago, a new Receiver had been selected, but the selection had been a terrible failure.

After Jonas was identified as a possible Receiver, the Elders watched him very carefully and made a unanimous decision to select him, despite the strict selection criteria.


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