The Great Gatsby Analysis Essay

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Instead, Nick guesses at the life and thoughts of Gatsby, making Gatsby seem more mysterious and larger-than-life than he would be if the reader knew all of his thoughts.

The story would also be very different if it was told in the third-person point of view.

Gray, such as in the Valley of Ashes, represents lifelessness and nothingness.

Gold and yellow are interesting and used a whole lot throughout the book. Daisy, who is from a well-to-do family and who is married to a rich man is described as a “golden girl” with a voice that’s “full of money.” She has gold all around her as do many of the other rich people.

As mentioned above, she is described as a “golden girl,” representing riches.

Gatsby has always longed for her, but when he finally gets her to admit her feelings for him, he still isn’t satisfied.

The Great Gatsby is written from the perspective of Nick Carraway.

The story would be very different if it was told from Gatsby’s perspective.

The 1920s were years when consumerism was becoming more integral, taking over almost every facet of people’s daily lives.

If these eyes were painted on the side of a building, that interpretation wouldn’t be the same.


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