The Laboratory Robert Browning Poem Essay

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Whereas the theme in my last duchess would seem to be about an obsessive yet insecure lover.The similarity would be the extreme jealousy that is displayed by both narratives.It is about a female psychopath who takes advantage of her attractiveness by deceiving men and luring them to her bedroom.

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'He is with her, and they know that I know' The character of the narrator in The Laboratory displays an intensity of emotion through her obvious jealousy of the other woman, this intensity of jealousy could only be achieved if she also had experienced the same level of love.

Similarly, the character of the narrator in My Last Duchess also displays obvious jealousy although it is without such an intensity of emotion.

Moreover, Duffy conveys that Salome feels as if many women are mistreated by men and wants to prove that women have the same abilities as men.

The poem explains Salome's attitude, behaviour and feelings or her views on killing men.

John Baptist believed it was unacceptable as Salome's mother formerly had an affair with Herod.

Salome was persuaded by her mother to call for the head of John the Baptist Carol Ann Duffy's version of 'Salome' was written before 1914.

'Grind away moisten and mash up thy paste, Pound at thy powder-I am not in haste.' The topic of the poem in My Last Duchess is infact a painting, had it been written in the 21st century it would have been far more likely to have been a photograph.

The theme of The Laboratory is one of the eternal love triangle.

Also Duffy presents Salome a modern day 'vigilante' and a sexual predator which is a role usually associated with men.

Many of Carol Ann Duffy's poems reflect on time, age and loss.


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