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The first topic is based in the field of superfluid helium droplet science, and explores mass spectrometry of conjugated molecules in superfluid helium droplets.

Recent observations have suggested conjugated molecules behave very differently to other molecules upon electron ionization in the helium droplet environment.

An examination of mindfulness in Part One: Literature review highlights the effects of the PD illness on people and their spouses.

It became apparent that there is a lot of stress in PD families and the researcher’s focus of study shifted to one asp... The lymph node microenvironment provides essential signals for the proliferation and survival of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) cells and contributes to resistance to chemotherapy.

There is no readily available access to lymph node tissue and currently no markers of leukaemic cell activity specifically due to stimulation within lymph nodes. The current paradigm of GRB light curves is that the totality of the gamma-ray prompt emission can be modelled by the presence of either a single pulse, or by a series of convolved pulses, which rapidly decay before the onset of an X-ray afterglow.

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are produced by CLL cells and their cargo, which includes mi RNA, m RNA and proteins, is important for intercellular signa... These pulses are well studied; but are popularly modelled by empirical functions which do not relate the spectral and temporal properties of the pulse as a unified whole.

In this thesis, I study the efficiency of the time-step depending on the tidal force.

This quantity follows gauge invariance under adding a constant acceleration where this property is not owned by conventional time-step criteria. Hasanuddin Analysis Of Cytokine Concentration And The Visual Analogue Pain Scale Score As Early Indicators Of Sepsis In Gall Stone Disease Patients Evaluating Quality Of Life Questionnaires To Determine Which Patients Will Experience Significant Pain After Intervention Introduction: Sixty thousand cholecystectomies are performed each year (Royal College of Surgeons, 2016).

In this thesis we utilise a physically motivated model of pulse emission, tha...

Amaral-Rogers, Alexander We focus on families of hyperbolic attractors for diffeomorphisms of the solid surface of genus two which admit the structure of a substitution tiling space for a substitution of constant length.


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