Thesis On Biometrics

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The awards are kindly sponsored by Morpho (Safran Group).

Tampering of biometric samples is becoming an important security concern. In this thesis, we investigate the application of Power laws for biometrics, forensics and network traffic analysis.

Any current member of IEEE is eligible to be nominated for the award.

The nomination should originate for the nominee’s dissertation advisor.

An advisor can nominate only one dissertation per year.

The nominated dissertation should be successfully defended in the calendar year 2018. However, to be eligible for nomination an English language version must be provided.The Vice-President of Finance is central to the operation of the Biometrics Council.The nominator should send the nomination to Mark Nixon ( The IEEE Biometrics Council (IEEE-BC) is pleased to invite proposals for hosting the 2021 International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications, and Systems (BTAS 2021) in the United States. A committee established by IEEE-BC will evaluate all proposals by December 1, 2019.Presentations and motivation of all finalists was excellent.A good contribution to quality of biometrics research in Europe.” All three finalists have been awarded with a complementary one year EAB membership.One of the academics, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid’s Ruben Tolosana, received the European Biometrics Industry Award for a thesis entitled “Incorporating Touch Biometrics to Mobile Passwords,” which detailed a mobile authentication system in which a user draws each digit of a PIN on their device’s touchscreen, rather than typing them out.In a statement announcing the award, the EAB asserted that this method has actually been widely embraced in Spain, asserting that such solutions “are already deployed in almost 50% of the Spanish banking sector.” Meanwhile, there was a tie for this year’s European Biometrics Research Award.BTAS is a premier research conference focused on all aspects of biometrics.It is intended to have a broad scope, including advances in fundamental signal processing, image processing, pattern recognition, and statistical and mathematical techniques relevant to biometrics.Sponsored by IDEMIA and Fingerprints, the European Research and Industry Awards bestow a total of 4,000 euros to the winners, together with a one-year membership in the EAB.Patrizio Campisi, Chairman of the award and full professor at the Department of Applied Electronics at the Università degli Studi "Roma TRE" (Rome, Italy) says about the 2015 edition: “It is great to see an increasing number of Ph D students submitting their research of high quality to competition.


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