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You probably read a lot of rules about when to use “the,” but all of them can be reduced to one idea: We use the definite article when the things, people or places we are referring to are defined.Have a look at the following list of situations when we use “the”: With people/things mentioned before, so it’s clear who/what you are referring to from the context.

You’ll get to see how these grammar rules below are used on the TOEFL, practice them with interactive exercises and watch insightful explanation videos. “Aspect” means that when we use verbs, we can focus on either the action itself (the action is seen as continuous, progressive, temporary, happening at the moment of speaking) or on the result of the action (the action is simple, general, habitual).

Each verbal tense has two aspects: continuous and simple.

After you understand each rule, practice it by doing the short exercises at the end of each section.

Then practice more online using the resources provided.

This means that whenever the action happens (past, present or future), we can focus on either the action itself (continuous aspect) or the result of the action (simple aspect).

The continuous aspect is formed with the auxiliary verb “to be” used in the intended tense, plus the “-ing” form of the verb.

Even if you don’t have to actively use grammar yourself, you still need to understand complex language as used by the speakers or as presented in the reading passages.

To make your life easier, we prepared eight important rules for you to learn.

By learning and practicing each of these rules, you will feel more confident about your overall English knowledge and score higher on the TOEFL test.

Read each rule carefully and remember: Practice makes perfect!


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