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” — you can see that “Googling” has reached a new level of meaning. By creating good content and using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, you can place the Good News seconds away from any search globally.Indirect evangelism Particularly in the SOW stage, it’s critical to note that your content doesn’t need to be explicitly evangelistic.Teaching, mentoring, and discipling believers in the early stages of life is an important aspect of the Discipleship and Christian Education program.

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We’re going to take a break from our typical blog topics to bring you a post we think you’ll appreciate.

Last fall, a few of us at Masterworks were asked to attend the Lausanne Global Consultation on Media and the Gospel in Brea, California.

The Child Evangelism and Discipleship program is designed to prepare men and women to meet the demands for trained leadership in church ministries that are aimed at discipling children, primarily in a 4-12 year range.

A combination of study including Bible and hands-on experience provide resources to apply principles and methods of teaching, including those used by Jesus.

Rather than trying to drum up our own attention and interest, we should consider leveraging existing world events and cultural moments to evangelize, particularly in the SOW and REAP stages.

For example, after singer Miley Cyrus gave a lewd performance at the MTV Music Awards this year, Focus on the Family chose to respond by blogging from the perspective of a father on their Dad Matters Blog.

The purpose was to gather media professionals from around the globe to discuss the implications of media on the Gospel.

One outcome from the consultation was the following article summarizing our discussion of the role of digital and social media in evangelism. Enjoy, Dave Raley The role of digital and social media in evangelism Digital and social media are playing an increasingly important role in evangelism.

Content Today, quality content is king — it’s core to your success in reaching and influencing people in digital and social media. The Bible gives us content on every issue related to the human condition.

As wise and creative Christians, we need to be committed to creating and sharing evangelistic content for all three stages: SOW, REAP, DISCIPLE.


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