Valentine Homework Pass

Valentine Homework Pass-82
Valentine Day is coming and I want to be ready this year!It is going to be a whirlwind of a day, and I want it to be filled with fun and love!

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Desert Habitat 1, 2 Farm Habitat Forest Habitat Ocean Habitat Polar Habitat Pond Habitat Swamp Habitat Ants Bats Bees Groundhogs Owls Polar Bears Pumpkins Reindeer Snowflakes Spiders Teeth Turkeys Valentine's Day Walrus Winter Winter 2 Weather Animal Classes: TRIFOLDS Amphibians Birds Fish Insects Mammals Reptiles Alligator Bookmarks Bear Bookmarks Butterfly Bookmarks Daffodil boys, girls Dog Bookmarks Earth Day boys, girls Earth Bookmarks Fall boys, girls Fire Fighter boys, girls Fishing boys, girls Garden Bookmarks Love Bugs Bookmarks Reading Is Magical Monster Bookmarks New Year Bookmarks 2015 Nutcracker Bookmarks Olympic Bookmarks Picnic Bookmarks boys, girls Presidents' Day 1, 2 Reading Retell Reading Retell 1 (updated) Rock Star Bookmarks Sailing Bookmarks Here's the Scoop 1, Here's the Scoop 2 Theme Bookmarks Theme Bookmarks 2 These are updated from my old page Sue. Tiger Bookmarks Turkey Bookmarks 1, 2 3 Aloha mini, Full page Butterfly mini, Full page Camping Full page Camping mini Dog mini Dog Full page Gator Full page Golf mini, Full page Magical mini, Full page OZ mini, Full page Picnic mini, Full page Pirate mini, Full page Racing Full page News Flash mini, Full page Space mini, Full page Strawberry LG Super Kids mini, Full page Surfing mini, Full page Sweet mini, Full page Sweet mini 2, 6x4 Brag Tags Cactus Sharp Work Candy Corn Sweet Work Computer Whiz Smething to Crow About Dinomite Work Happy Birthday One In A Melon Pumpkin Great Work Lost Tooth Spider Great Work STAR Atudent Terrific Team Work You Are A Treasure Watermelon Great Work Wise Owl YOU Make Me Smile Remarkable Reader Smart Cookis DJ Inkers Black and White Calendars PDF Let me know if you want these!!

These calendars are blank for students to fill in the numbers.

Seuss ABC Order 1, 2 Earth Day ABC Order Fairy Tale ABC Order Fall ABC Order Fall ABC Order 2 Farm ABC Order Farm ABC Order 2 Fire Safety ABC Order Fire ABC Order 2 Fish ABC Order Fishing ABC Order 1, 2 Go Green 1, 2 Groundhog ABC Order Halloween ABC Order Halloween ABC Order 2 Insects ABC Order Mammals ABC Order Nutcracker ABC Order Ocean ABC Order Olympics ABC Order Pets ABC Order Picnic ABC Order Pirate ABC Order 1, 2 Presidents ABC Order Rainy Day ABC Order Reptiles ABC Order Spiders ABC Order Spring ABC Order St.

Patrick's ABC Order 1, 2 Teeth ABC Order Thanksgiving ABC Order Turkey ABC Order Valentine ABC Order Weather ABC Order Wizard ABC Order Zoo ABC Order Zoo ABC Order 2 All About Alligators All About Arctic Hares All About Arctic Wolves All About Bald Eagles All About Bats All About Beavers All About Bees All About Blue Whales All About Caribou All About Cheetahs All About Clownfish All About Crocodiles All About Dolphins All About Elephants All About Emperor Penguins All About Fireflies All About Flamingos All About Flies All About Frogs All About Giraffes All Gorillas All Groundhogs All Hedgehogs All Hipp0s All Hyenas All Jellyfish All Kangaroos All Koalas All Ladybugs All Lions All About Meercats All About Monarch Butterflies All About Monkeys All About Musk Oxen All About Opossums All About Orca Whales All About Owls All About Pandas All About Parrots All About Polar Bears All About Porcupines All About the Praying Mantis All About Puffins All About Raccoons All About Reindeer All About Sea Horses All About Sea Turtles All About Sharks All About Spiders All About Star Fish All About The Octopus All About The Ostrich All About Tigers All About Turkeys All About Walruses All About Zebras Alligator (Gator) Award Camper Award 1, 2 Dog Award Fairy Tale Award Fire Safety Award Hats Off Award Ladybug Award Mickey Mouse Award Terrific Teeth Award Lost Tooth Award(updated) Weather Watcher Award Wee Wizard Award Snow Wonderful Award SPACEAwards1Tiger Award Bear 1, 2, Butterfly 1, 2 Camping Dog Fall Fall 4 per page Farm large, small Fire Safety Green Ladybug4Sticker Charts New Year Owl Picnic Racing Rain Rock Star 1, 2 Snoopy Snow Strawberries Turkey **Note: I have fixed where students write their name on a few of these booklets.

I have a no-prep Valentine’s Day Math Packet in my Tp T store that I love to pull from.

I included a lot of different math skills like graphing, telling time, place value, problem solving, fact practice, and more!Mittens Presidents' Day Little Tommy Toothbrush Leap Year Poster Little Valentine Flying Popcorn The Rainbow Fish Green Eggs and Ham Horton Hears a Who The Lorax The Cat in the Hat The Cat in the Hat Comes Back Koala Lou Hunwick's Egg Possum Magic JULIUS Lilly's Big Day Wemberly Worried Amelia Bedelia Thank You Amelia Bedelia Amelia Bedelia and the Baby Play Ball Amelia Bedelia Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower The Easter Egg A House for Hermit Crab Mister Seahorse Swimmy Dragon Gets By Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile Rumble in the Jungle Snakes Alligator 1, 2 Bear BUG Desk Plates BUsy As A Bee Desk Plates Butterflies 1, 2, updated Camping PPT Cowboy Desk plates 1, 2 Dinosaur Desk Plates Dog Desk Plates Fairy Tale Desk plates 1, 2 Fall Desk plates boys, girls Fishing boys, Fishing girls Frankenstein Garden boys, girls Jungle Deskplates Ladybug boys, girls Monster Desk Plates Native American Larger 1, 2 Native American 1, boys, girls Plane boy, girl Pirate Updated from my old page Pumpkin 1, 2 Rainbow Rainforest Updated from my old page Rock Star Sailing Desk Plates boys, girls Snoopy SPACE Surfing Under the Sea Updated from my old page Valentine Desk Plates Winter Desk Plates Winter Desk Plates Abe Lincoln Apples Brush Teeth Detective Fire Safety Fishing George Washington Groundhog Day Ice Cream Letter Lost Tooth Detective Picnic 1 Pizza Race School Sledding Snowflake Snowflakes Snowman Surfing Turkey 1 2 Valentine Valentine 2 Weather 1 Weather 2 ABC Dictionary ABC Dictionary blank All About Me Animal Classes Animal Classes Antarctica Antics, updated Back To School Buggy Back To School Dino Back To School BUGS, BUGS, BUGS(updated) Father's Day Mother's Day "I Love You More Than Applesauce Poster Picture Book of Words Months of the Year(updated) Bear Name tags PPT Camping Name tags Camping Name tags PPT Camping Name tags Larger Dog Name tags Fish B&W Name tags Garden Name tags Hollywood Name tags Jungle Name tags Monster Name tags Pirate Name tags Puppy Pals Name tags Snoopy 1, 2 SPACE Surfing Turtle Name tags Rainbow B&W Name tags Rainbow Name tags Butterfly pdf Scoop pdf EDITABLE Black & White Newsletters PPT (updated) September, October, November Editable DJ Inkers B&W Newsletters JAN-AUG Editable DJ Inkers (Updated) I have combined the months in these EDITABLE newsletters. Jan-Aug THEMES POWER POINT newsletters: Bees Butterfly Camping 1, Camping 2 Fairy Tale 1, 2 Fall 1, 2 Fall Newsletters 3 Farm 1, 2 Fire Safety 1, 2 Magical 1, 2 Pirate 1, 2 Post Office 1, 2 Rock Star 1, 2 Here's the Scoop 1, 2 Snoopy Super Hero Bug Binder blue Bug Binder gingham Bug Binder zigzag Butterfly PPT Circus PPT Alligator Notebook 1, 2 Bee Notebook Cover Dog Notebook Cover DOG Binders PDF(updated) Dolphin Notebbok Frog Notebook Cover(upgraded) Garden Notebook Cover, pages 2 & 3 Hero Binders PDF(updated) Hero RACE Notebook Cover Hollywood (STAR) Notebook Cover Ladybug Notebook Cover Magical Notebook 1, 2 Monster Notebook Cover Owl Notebook Cover wording changed Penguin 1 Penguin 2 Picnic Picnic Binders Pirate Binders PDF(updated) Pirate Binders (updated)PPT Editable Rainbow Binders PDF(updated) Reflections Notebook Cover Rock Star Notebook Cover Royal Binder Science Notebook Cover Editable Science Notebook Cover PPT Snoopy Binder 1, 2 Social Studies Notebook Cover 1, Frog Theme Surf Notebook PDF(updated) Surf Notebook PPT (editable) Turtle Binder Turtle Binder 2 Vocabulary Notebook Cover Surfing Reading Response Surfing Poetry Notebook Goodbye Rhymes Long Vowels Posters A, E, I, O, U Animal Spotlight Animal Spotlight B&W Blue, Green, Red Camouflage Poster Camping Welcome Poster Character Counts 1, 2 Chores Poster Digraphs Poster Fall Poster Fire Safety Poster Fishing Poster Grandparents Day 1, 2 If I Could...DJ Inkers colored graphics Sept-Dec Jan-May June-Aug I have combined the months in these EDITABLE newsletters. Poster NAME on Paper NAME on Paper 2 Numbers Posters Pirate 1, 2 Numbers Posters KIDS Nutcracker Poster Picnic Poster Presidents' Day Poster Rainbow Colors Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Scientific Method (updated) Here's the Scoop SPACE Poster Wizard Poster Conjunctions Poster Helping Verbs Poster Pronouns Poster Reflexive Pronouns Poster Subject/Predicate Poster Alliteration Poster Onomatopoeia Poster Oxymoron Poster Metaphor Poster Simile Poster Prefix Poster Suffix Poster Contraction Poster Hyperbole Poster Idiom Poster Understatement Poster 1, 2, Compound Words Poster Compound Words Student Sheet 1, B&W Long Vowel Posters Short Vowel Posters Fish Poster (fixed) Animal Classes Poster (updated from old page) Animal Classes Posters (updated from old page) Animal Classes Posters 1 (updated from old page) Animal Classes Posters CHALKBOARD Apples Poster Spiders (updated and fixed) Beach Poster, fixed Caribou Dinosaurs (updated from old page) Easter Poster Fairytale Elements FALL Poster (updated) Farm Fire Safety Fishing Five Little Ladybugs Flying Popcorn Friendly Letter Writing (Updated from old page) Friendly Letter forms Friends(updated) Ice Cream A Kite B&W A Kite Ladybug & Friends Mammals Poster Monsters Poster Nocturnal Animals Poster Pets Pizza the Size of the Sun Pumpkins School Snow Solar System In Motion SPACE Spiders Stoplight Weather Watchers Punctuation Pals Posters Punctuation Pals Posters 2 Super Heroes Poster (updated) Tooth Poster(updated) Turkey Day!I have this love for the “newsprint” look and I think that they can be creative with it!Apples ABC Order Amphibians ABC Order Birds ABC Order Butterfly ABC Order Camouflage ABC Order Cinco De Mayo Cinco De Mayo Cards Christmas ABC Order Circus ABC Order Creatures of the Night ABC Order Dr.Make a transparency for each page and do on the overhead together.Then students can go back to their seats to fill in the numbers on their page, color them, and add other pictures.Thanks so much for letting me know about the "snow" font on several books!! All About Me (UPDATED) Amazing Amphibians Animals Eat Ants 1, 2 Apples Apples Comprehension Arctic Wolf Arctic Wolf Comp Back to School Bald Eagle Comprehensionbooklet coming soon Bald Eagle Booklet Bats 1, 2 Bats comp Beautiful Birds Beavers Bees Blue Whale Birthday Super Hero Birthday 1 Super Hero Birthday Birthday(Dino) Butterflies Monarch Butterflies comprehension Birth of A Butterfly Comprehension Caribou Caribou Comp Caterpillar or Butterfly Chameleons Chameleons comp Cinco de Mayo Christopher Columbus Christmas (fixed) Crocodile Dinosaurs Dinosaurs comp Dolphins Dolphins comp Dr.***Note: The second comprehension pages that go with the books are in "landscape". Seuss 1, 2, Earth Day, revised Earth Day Badges Earth Day Comprehension A Bug's Tale Comprehension A Bug's Tale Poster Easter Election Elephants Elephants comp Emperor Penguins Emperor Penguins Poster Fairy Tales Flamingos, comp Giant Panda Panda Bear comprehension Giraffe 1, 2 The Gorilla Harp Seal Harp Seal Comp It's Fall(Redone 9/2016) Fire Safety Fantastic Fish Five Senses Fantastic Frogs, Changes Poster Pollywog Comprehension Frogs comp Frogs Comprehension Gingerbread Fun Go Green Grasshoppers Groundhog Day Groundhog Comprehension Happy Halloween Hippopotamus Hippopotamus comp Hyenas(Laughing) Incredible Insects Jellyfish 1, 2 Johnny Appleseed Kangaroo Koalas, comp Ladybugs Ladybugs comprehension Leap Year Abraham Lincoln 1, 2, Lions Lions comp Lion Poem Poster Martin Luther King Marvelous Mammals March Winds Memorial Day Monkey Musk Oxen Musk Oxen comp The Octopus Opossum (changed) Opossum comp The Ostrich, 2 Ostrich comp 1, 2 Ostrich Poem Poster Owls Parrots Penguins 1, 2 Perfect Pets Purr-fect Pets Plants Polar Bears 1, 2 Porcupine Praying Mantis Praying Mantis comp Presidents' Day Puffins Puffins Comprehension Pumpkin Patch 1, 2(changed life cycle) Pumpkins comp Pumpkins Comprehension Raccoons, Raccoons Poster Rainbows Rainbows 2 Rainy Days Red-Eyed Tree Frog Red-Eyed Tree Frog comp Remarkable Reptiles(**fixed) Scarecrow Stuff Sea Animals, Poster Sea Creatures, Poster Seahorse School Days Shape Up!If you are really motivated, you can laminate them for your class (I’m not usually that motivated).You check them out here Another really fun way to incorporate math into your Valentine’s Day is to grab this free printable and a few packs of Conversation Hearts.


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