Wake Forest Mba Essay Questions

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Founded in 1834, Wake Forest University is located in the suburban North Carolina town of Winston-Salem.

With approximately 4,800 undergraduates enrolled in either Wake Forest College or the Wake Forest School of Business, Wake Forest is respected for its personalized attention to students and challenging liberal arts curriculum, as well as for its resources as a large research institution.

Right now, Phil Jackson and the triangle offense head the list (can you see why I need some new ideas?

) I'm not quite sure how they're gonna take that one.

Including specific details from the book would be especially convincing to admissions officers.

Finally, wrap up the essay by generalizing your new viewpoint on this particular political event to your novel perspective on the world as a whole.Once you choose your book, your next goal is to demonstrate your interpretation of the world and how your chosen text has helped shaped this perspective.For this essay, one way to do this is by explaining how the book has made you more empathetic to unfairness of random luck that everyone is subjected to, or how the text has motivated you to assume an active role in political events.These skills, in turn, will be of great value to any college student!To approach this prompt, first choose the book about which you want to write.Admittedly, it can be pretty difficult to think of an assignment that fits these guidelines so well.So if you can’t think of a high school assignment that’s a) unique and b) related to your field of study, try thinking of any moment that you truly enjoyed in an academic setting, even if it is not an “assignment” by traditional definition or related to your major.Essentially, admissions officers are looking for a genuine academic interest sparked by a task that might have been unusual or difficult.To begin to answer this question, first brainstorm for an activity to write about.Again, this prompt is essentially serving as a “Why Major?” substitute, so admissions officers hope to learn the backstory of your academic interests through this essay.


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