Why Did The French Revolution Start Essay

On June 20, they took the Tennis Court Oath, where they promised to work until they had created a new constitution for France.In July 1789, after the National Assembly was formed, the nobility and the king was angry with Jacques Necker, the Director-General of Finances, and they fired him.Monarchs tried to stop this reaction of the aristocracy, and both rulers and the privileged classes sought allies among the nonprivileged bourgeois and the peasants.

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They, and the Director-General of Finances, Jacques Necker, thought the Church and the Nobility ought to be taxed more.

They also wanted votes in the Estates-General to be more fair.

The increasingly numerous and prosperous elite of wealthy commoners—merchants, manufacturers, and professionals, often called the bourgeoisie—aspired to political power in those countries where it did not already possess it.

The peasants, many of whom owned land, had attained an improved standard of living and education and wanted to get rid of the last vestiges of feudalism so as to acquire the full rights of landowners and to be free to increase their holdings.

A revolution seemed necessary to apply the ideas of Montesquieu, Voltaire, or Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

This Enlightenment was spread among the educated classes by the many “societies of thought” that were founded at that time: masonic lodges, agricultural societies, and reading rooms.

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They had made lists of problems they wanted to fix called the Cahiers de Doléances.

The members of the Third Estate (The commoners) were angry that they were being taxed the most when they were the poorest group of people.


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