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It doesn’t matter how old you get, or how long you have been writing dissertations or proposals you usually still experience that all-encompassing sensation of dread at the prospect of having to submit it.

With a proposal there is always the fear, the risk that your baby is going to get rejected and that you are going to have to go on back to the drawing board.

Proposals assume an audience of educated readers who are not necessarily specialists in the proposal's specific subject of inquiry.

The author's aim is to persuade this audience that the project will make an original and valuable contribution to some already on-going discussion or problem in one or more fields, or that it will break entirely new ground and even revise the existing structure of disciplinary fields.

Note that the samples may not conform to the current 2500-word limit.

To stay on the safe side, we recommend you to check out guarantees when you buy any kind of product or service—especially when it comes to something like academic writing.The dissertation proposal is thus a persuasive rhetorical form, one that seeks to gain readers' assent to the proposition that the proposed study is well-founded and will advance inquiry or discussion in some important way.Proposals can take many forms but strong proposals share certain characteristics: These two elements together constitute what the guidelines refer to as a "literature review." That is, the purpose of mentioning the scholarly, theoretical, and aesthetic traditions within which the project is situated is not merely to show that the author of the proposal has undertaken a search of the relevant work in the proposed field(s).Rather it is to show how the current project fits within or contests an already on-going discourse and how it will contribute to, amend, or displace that discourse.Thus the "review of the literature" and the "contribution to the field" are both parts of a single effort: to make and support the claim that the proposed project is worthwhile because it grows out of and then extends or revises work currently under way in the arts and humanities and related disciplines.A proposal presents a brief but explicit argument or claim that a particular subject of inquiry has merit.It also implicitly argues that the author of the proposal has enough command of the subject to pursue it successfully.Here are a few basic suggestions: This isn’t exactly rocket science but you are not going to get very far without a topic. You should make your case: A lot of people seem to come unstuck when they revert back to sheep mentality and start panicking and stressing about what everyone else is doing. With something as specialist and niche as art history, it is also advisable to pick a topic that you are interested in and preferably already have some knowledge of. The key thing to remember here is that it doesn’t matter about anyone else. What might be right for them may be utterly wrong for you. Don’t think that you are going to get extra brownie points by deviating from the format in an attempt to jazz it up. A dissertation supports its claim to originality by positioning its argument both The following dissertation proposals have been selected and annotated by members of the Graduate Studies Committee to suggest the various ways in which a successful proposal can be formulated.These sample proposals should be considered as resources or models rather than as templates.


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